Where Can I Find Sofa/Couch Covers?

There are many different places you can find couch covers. Buying them online is a great option because you are able to find so many different types and styles. 

Can you get a slipcover for any couch?

The short answer is yes, most sofas can be slipcovered. However, if your sofa has a complicated design like a curved arm, and an unusual shape for the bench seat, you’ll need to go the custom route to get a slipcover made just for your sofa.

What is a cover for a sofa called?

A slipcover (also called loose cover) is a fitted protective cover that may be slipped off and on a piece of upholstered furniture. Slipcovers are usually made of cloth.

How do you know if a slipcover will fit?

Measure the widest part of your sofa, starting from the outer edge of one arm of the sofa to the outside of the opposite arm. Measure the depth of your seat cushion. Measure maximum cushion width. Measure maximum width of the sofa’s body. Measure the sofa’s contour.

Should I put cover on sofa?

Sofa covers are an excellent way to protect your furniture and extend its life. They’re easy to clean, come in various colors and styles, and are relatively inexpensive. Sofa covers are a great way to update the look of your living room without having to buy new furniture.

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