Student furnishing on a BUDGET!

One in every three Canadians is renting, and students are no exception. Often far from home, students are constantly looking for rental spaces to live in, and furnished spaces are high in demand. 

Tips for furnishing your space: 

  • Less is more. Keeping things simple and sticking with the basics allows your renter room for creativity and room to make the space their own. 
  • Keep it simple. Give your rental space for creativity by sticking to a neutral color pallet. Neutrals are easy to work with and finding pieces that fit together is a breeze. Want inspiration, visit a furniture store and see what's on display!
  • Look online. When it comes to staying on a budget, looking at different stores and websites is key. Online stores often have the best selection and great deals!

Basics Checklist: 

  • Bed 
  • Nightstand 
  • Dining table 
  • Couch 
  • Coffee table 
  • TV stand 

Stay away from complex patterns and fabrics for the bed. Keeping it simple is key. We recommend wood or leather headboards as they are easy to style, durable, and low maintenance. 

For tabletops, glass or solid wood tables are the perfect choice. They are renowned for their durability along with being extremely hard-wearing. 

Vinyl and Leather are great for couches as they are elegant and easy to clean. Couches with removable fabric covers are mess free and rental friendly. you also can buy a Sofa cover separately online , it's a great way to protect your furniture! 

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