Mattress Maintenance Tips

Sleep is something that is important for all of us, and one of the key factors in sleep is your mattress. Unfortunately, most people nowadays do not know how to pick or take care of their mattresses, which can often lead to frustration due to poor sleep. Today, we will show you how to not only take care of your mattress, but also how to personalize them for the best sleeping experience possible.

One of the most important things for taking care of your mattress is using a mattress protector. Not only will this make cleaning your mattress much easier, but it will also protect you from voided warranties.

While on the topic of warranties, make sure that you keep all the tags on the mattress. Most warranties require information that is on the tags in order to confirm your warranty. The bed frame is equally important, as different bed frames use different support systems. The general rule of thumb is to always purchase a set of bed and mattress, as they will have the appropriate support for the mattress. If that is not an option, make sure that the bed can support the mattress firmly, as that will help prevent sagging. Finally, in the worst-case scenario, try to make your own support system using what’s available. For bigger mattresses, it is very important to have a strong central support.

Rotating your mattress can help against long-term wear and tear. You don’t always wear your fanciest clothes in order to keep them in good condition, and rotating, or flipping if you have a flappable mattress, follows the same idea. By moving the mattress around, the area that is being used changes, preventing some of the common wear and tear that can ruin a mattress. As for some final thoughts on general tips, do not bend, fold, jump, or stand on your mattress. All of these things can cause internal damage to the mattress itself and void your warranty.

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