Left-Hand Facing vs. Right-Hand Facing Sectionals

left hand facing vs right hand facing sectionals

When purchasing a sectional, you will hear the phrases left-hand facing and right-hand facing, which can be a bit confusing. You will especially hear this phrase when shopping for sectional sofas with attached chaises. This means that as you are facing the sofa, the arm is on the side mentioned.

Right-Hand Facing (RHF): If you are standing facing the sectional then the chaise is on the right.

Left-Hand Facing (LHF): If you are standing facing the sectional then the chaise is on the left. 

Example for a left hand facing sectional sofa
Left hand facing sectional


Example for a right hand facing sectional sofa

Right Hand Facing Sectional

What is a "Reversible" sectional?

A reversible sectional is a sectional that has the flexibility to be put together as a LHF (Left-hand-facing) or RHF (Right-hand-facing), and that's due to the way it's built that allows you to configure it the way you want.

Also keep an eye for the term "floating ottoman" which -if mentioned- will mean that the sectional has a floating ottoman that allows it to be reversible as well.

Floating ottoman

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Enjoy your shopping!


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